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RAPTOR CS230  (Club Sport Model)  is a stripped out hard core version of the RR210 for Motorsport.   


Using our in-house engine tuning experience, we  took  the engine from the RR210 , gas flowed the cylinder head, fitted a pair of performance camshafts, remapped the ECU and uprated the cooling system. 


The CS230 suspension is fully rose jointed for maximum adjustment but still maintains the F1 style push rod suspension system. Front and rear anti roll bars further enhance the handling. 


The CS230 dash system gives you a full GPS tracking system so you can  load in your desired race track and accurately check live data and lap times.

With over 541 bhp/ton to harness the limited slip differential ensures you safely transmit this power to the track. The CS230 also gives you launch control.

The UHP-3 chassis has an integrated cage with side impact protection for your safety which also increases the torsional stiffness of the chassis. 

lsd diff.jfif

The CS230 adds a fire extinguisher system and a foam filled race fuel tank.  It comes with a single race seat, solid state isolator and an aero down-force pack. 

willwoood brakes.jfif

Ultra light weight 4 pot calipers with uprated discs all round and firmer pad material gives you the reassurance that the CS230 has the stopping power to match it's performance. 

 The CS230 is a magnificent, masterpiece of technical innovation. 

The team at Raptor firmly believe in pushing the boundaries and the CS230 is a perfect example of this.    

Finished Car (5).jpg

In true Raptor style we have pushed the boundaries even further.  Using our in-house engine tuning expertise we have added an extra 20 bhp making the CS230 an awesome track machine with a steely grip and a grunt that will astonish you.

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