Powered by Car Engine

The power-to-weight ratio is a formula that is used to gauge a car’s general performance and this is expressed as ‘bhp per ton’.   To give you an idea of our Raptor's performance we have compiled a short comparison list.


The current 'HOT' hatch figures:-

2017 Seat Leon Cupra        

2017 Ford Focus ST            

2016 Merc A45 AMG           

2017  Audi TT RS                   

2016 BMW M2                      

"Dream" Car figures:-

2012 Skyline GTR R35                              

2015 Audi R8 5.2 V10                                

2009 Ferrari 458                                      

2011 McLaren MP4                                    

2011 Aventador LP700       

2005 Bugatti Veyron                                 


215 bhp/ton

215 bhp/ton

228 bhp/ton

232 bhp/ton

233 bhp/ton

313 bhp/ton

368 bhp/ton

378 bhp/ton

412 bhp/ton

438 bhp/ton

532 bhp/ton

Raptor figures:- 

Our base model Raptor RR140 has a mildly tuned 1.6 16v Ford Focus engine with 140 bhp = 281 bhp/ton.   That is over 50 bhp/ton more than the latest breed of hot-hatches!

Raptor  RR140  Ford 1.6v Zetec-S

Raptor RR165  Ford 1.6v Duratec  Ti-VCT

Raptor RR235 Ford 1.6 16v Eco Boost  

Raptor RR350  Ford 1.6 16v Eco Boost

Raptor CS380 Ford 1.6 16v Eco Boost

281 bhp/ton

330 bhp/ton

425 bhp/ton

630 bhp/ton

767 bhp/ton

We believe that a combination of an all alloy engine with an ultra lightweight strong chassis will give you the best bang for your buck!