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Your journey starts here! 


Award winning RAPTOR  RR/CS  Models 

Beautifully hand crafted machines using innovative design to further enhance the visual look as well as driving pleasure. 

A basic recipe of light weight tubular space frame chassis fitted to one of  our highly efficient modern performance engines gives you close to supercar levels of performance for a fraction of the cost.  

Driving one of these high performance machines on the open road will bring you so much pleasure!  It's a full on sensory experience and will leave you feeling exhilarated!  With it's superbly balanced chassis, outstanding handling and fantastic driver feedback, man and machine become one! 

At Raptor Sports Cars we are always striving to manufacture cars that achieve cleaner air and lower greenhouse gas emissions.  We are using small capacity engines and in some models the latest GDI technology to ensure that all our cars meet the current Euro 6 emission levels.   We also recycle vehicle components used in the manufacturing of our cars to further reduce our carbon footprint. 

Select your RAPTOR  Model

Mazda 1800cc

140bhp Road pack 

2000cc Duratec 

260bhp Road pack  

Mazda 1800cc

180bhp Sport pack 

2500cc Duratec 

305bhp Sport pack  

1340cc Kawasaki 

210bhp Sports pack  

1600cc Ecoboost

235bhp Road pack  

998cc Yamaha R1  

190bhp Road pack 

1600cc Ecoboost 

380bhp Sports pack  

1600cc Ecoboost 

300bhp Sport pack 

1340cc Kawasaki 

210bhp Road pack  

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