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Aero pack avail as an optional extra 

From £34014 Inc VAT 


Power Unit = 270 bhp  2.0 Duratec Road pack

Top Speed = 148 mph

0-60mph = 3.7 secs

Weight = 560 kg

Bhp/ton = 473 bhp 


  • Award winning RR UHP-2 tubular chassis

  • Half cage 

  • Push Rod Inboard suspension

  • Fully independant rear axle 

  • Disc brakes all round

  • 5 speed gearbox 

  • RSC Alloys kit + AD08r Tyres  

  • TFT Digital dash system

  • Quick rack

  • Long range fuel tank

  • Raptor sports seats

  • Sports steering wheel

  • Full Aero screen  

Fine tuning the spec of your Raptor to your needs and budget has never been so easy  


With around 90 hours build time with a basic toolkit.  Its never been so been so rewarding and affordable to build one of these award winning machines

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