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Self Build Made Easy 

Have you ever wanted to build your own car?

We have put together some really helpful part-assembled Raptor build packages which will allow anyone wishing to build their own car who doesn’t feel confident with the technical aspects.   This fast tracks your build and gives you the reassurance that work has been done to an IVA standard.  This allows you to get on with the fun parts of the build that you will really enjoy.

STEP 1: 

Select your chassis


Select the powder coating colour for your chassis

Chassis powder coated in preheated oven - £300.00

Available in Matt Black, Gloss Black or Piano Black

Chassis  powder coated in preheated oven - £400.00 

Available in Red, Orange, Green, Graphite Grey, Blue, Yellow, Light Grey

Chassis Glass Bead blasted - £300.00

Step 3:   

Select your options

Option 1:  UHP-2-PB1 

  1. Cutting alloy floor panel

  2. Fitting and sealing alloy floor panel

  3. Fit copper brakes lines to the chassis

  4. Fit copper fuel lines to the chassis

Cost = £225.00 


Option 2:  UHP-2-ELEC

We can install the electrics for you so that all you need to do is plug in your lighting units.  This is our most popular self build kit !

  1. IVA compliant lighting loom

  2. Ignition switch, immobiliser push button start  

  3. Fit dash panel 

  4. Fully wire all gauges and dash switches

  5. If you source you engine from us we will wire this in too

From:  £2319.74  (Price may vary depending on Dash assembly used)


A customer recently purchased the above build package and only took 6 weeks to finish his build

Option 3:  UHP-1/2/3-RC

If you have limited space and you need your Raptor  to be mobile quickly this option is perfect for you. 

  1. Front and rear suspension fully assembled

  2. Shock absorbers fitted   

  3. Rear diff & driveshafts fitted 

  4. Suspension setup 

  5. Steering assembly fully fitted.  


From:  £4776.00    Does not include wheel and tyre kit - options available

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Self Build Made Easy

From This

From this 


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It's  Easy and Fun!  

Finance options available via Pegasus Finance. 

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