The Raptor retains the classic open top sportscar look.    

Our F1 style push rod suspension system offers an  unparalleled level of ride comfort and  handling.  

We believe that by fitting a high powered engine into an ultra lightweight chassis you can achieve the perfect blend of performance and handling in a 21st Century sports car. 

The Ford 1600cc Zetec S unit is a hidden gem!  The fact that it is all aluminum makes this power unit very light and compact and more importantly meets the current emissions regulation.   

The RR140   benefits from a dash system that is light, compact and extremely advanced.   High speed warning indicator, high temperature alarms and a shift light ensures that you are always in control.  

Why not head off on a memorable adventure in this magnificent, modern machine.  Just head for the horizon and enjoy the pleasurable driving experience that only an open top sports car can bring. 

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