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The Raptor is an open top classic style sports car but with a twist!


Our F1 style push rod suspension system offers an  unparalleled level of ride comfort and  handling.  


We believe that by fitting a high powered engine into an ultra lightweight chassis you can achieve the perfect blend of performance and handling in a 21st Century sports car. 

Ford 1600cc Ti-VCT Duratec unit is a hidden gem!  The fact that it is all aluminum makes this power unit very light and compact and more importantly meets the current emissions regulation.   


Our in housing tuning division has worked its magic in getting 165bhp from this ultra light 1.6L power unit. That's over 100 bhp per litre.

koso gaugebig_20200210085936.jpg

The RR 165  benefits from a dash system that is light, compact and extremely advanced.   High speed warning indicator, high temperature alarms and a shift light ensures that you are always in control.  

The RR165  also comes with a super slick close ratio 6 speed gearbox.  These are very refined and have great ratios for acceleration as well as giving economical relaxed cruising.  

6 speed gear knob.jfif

Why not head off on a memorable adventure in this magnificent, modern machine.  Just head for the horizon and enjoy the pleasurable driving experience that only an open top sports car can bring. 

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