There is no better sub 1000cc  bike engine than the legendary Yamaha R1. This engine certainly delivers with 180 bhp in standard trim.

The ECU controlled variable length induction system enhances low down torque and top end high revs.    Top end power is further enhanced by the 4 additional  shower injectors that operate from 9000 rpm onwards.

With some clever in-house tuning the RR190 produces 190 bhp from this ultra light compact 998cc engine.  

The RR190 comes with a slipper clutch as standard to maintain smoother gear shifts.     

The RR190   uses a Yamaha dash system .  As well as the rev counter and speedo you also get a trip computer, shift light, gear indicator and IVA lighting  warning indicators. 

RR190 also gives you 3 engine maps settings (Wet/Road/Race) all available at the push of a button. 

Due to the extreme high cornering forces of the RR190 an Accusump system ensures that the engine is fed with oil at all times.

Ultra light weight 4 pot calipers with firmer pad material gives you the reassurance that the RR 190 's  stopping power matches its performance 

Gear shifts only take a tenth of a second with the flat shift gear lever system.   Using very clever ECU electronics you don't even need to lift your foot off the throttle when shifting giving it a F1 style feel!

Note: Paddle shift gearlever shown. Available at an extra cost .  

On a track, under the right conditions, the RR190  can hit 72 mph in first gear at 14250 rpm.  The RR190  benefits from our UHP-2 chassis and our inboard  F1 style pushrod suspension system gives astonishing levels of grip and steering feedback.  

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