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This range topping BIKE powered model deserves the very best power unit available. The Kawasaki ZZR 1441cc engine certainly delivers with  205 bhp in standard trim. 


With minor in-house tuning we extract 210 bhp from this 1441cc beast.  The ZZR14 offers fabulous torque spread from 1500 rpm making it so easy to drive.  Above 6500 rpm the induction noise hardens to a deep howl and it offers stunning linear thrust to the rev limiter (11250rpm).

The RR210  also comes with a slipper clutch as standard to maintain smoother gear shifts.     

zzr1400 slipper clutch.jfif
zzr clocsimages.jfif

The RR210  uses the Kawasaki  dash system.  As well as a rev-counter and speedo you also get a trip computer, shift light, gear indicator as well as IVA lighting warning indicators. 

Due to the extreme high cornering forces of the RR210   a billet sump  and Accusump system ensures that the engine is fed with oil at all times.

lsd diff.jfif

The RR210  power to weight ratio is well above 460 bhp/ton. The limited slip differential  ensures you are glued to the race track.  

Ultra light weight 4 pot calipers with uprated discs  and firmer pad material gives you the reassurance that the RR 210 's  stopping power matches its performance.

westy v8 044.JPG
2017-04-21 10.11.36.jpg

Gear shifts only take a tenth of a second with the flat shift gear lever system.   Using very clever ECU electronics you don't even need to lift your foot off the throttle when shifting giving it a F1 style feel!

The core of the magnificent RR210  is it's UHP-2 chassis and our inboard  F1 style pushrod suspension system.     The RR210  brings so much to the table.  It is docile, relaxed and comfortable however if you dare to step over the 6500 rpm threshold it quickly becomes a rapid track machine. 

At Raptor HQ we have named it "The Jekyll and Hyde!"

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