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The Raptor RR235  is an open top classic style sports car with a twist!   


It's a numbers game. 

1600cc, 235bhp, 284lbft and 46mpg in a car weighing 535kg!   

Impressive figures but we are sure you will be even more impressed with the drive!   

Ford’s 1600cc Eco boost engine is so light and compact.  The RR235  shows the power achievable with our in house tuning making this engine the perfect choice.


The F1 style push rod suspension system gives an unparalleled level of ride, comfort and grip.  


The dash system used in the RR235  brings technology bang up to date.   The system is light, compact and extremely advanced.  Super clear TFT screen  with an army of warning indicators including high speed, high temperature alarms, intercooler temperature, shift light and a great drag timing feature.   It offers super feedback to ensure that you are  always in control.  

The turbo boost and oil pressure gauges sit beautifully in the carbon dash. 


The RR235  power to weight ratio is well above 423 bhp/ton. The limited slip differential  ensures you are glued to the  race  track.  

lsd diff.jfif
westy v8 044.JPG

Ultra light weight 4 pot calipers to give you the reassurance that the RR235's  stopping power matches it's performance.

Why not head off on a memorable adventure in this magnificent, modern machine.  Just head for the horizon and enjoy the pleasurable driving experience that only an open top sports car can bring.  

Raptor Still 5.jpg

The core of the magnificent RR235  is the UHP-2 chassis and our inboard  F1 style pushrod suspension system.  The engine is a master piece of modern engine design providing a fantastic progressive power delivery that is so  smooth with so much torque you will only ever really need to use  2nd and 5th gear! 

Come and join the NEW generation! 

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