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Self Build MX-5 based  Raptor Kits


Why Use a Mazda MX5 as a Donor Vehicle?

The MX5 was always a light and nimble affordible sports cars.   It's rear wheel drive configuration makes it ideal to use in our Raptor sports cars. 

The used car market for the MX5 and Miata (imported version) is flooded with various specs to suit any budget.   MOT failures or cars that are unwanted are now available to buy for less than £600 making them a genuinely affordable donor option.  

Which MX5 Parts can I use to build my SB5  Raptor Kit?

The Raptor has been designed in such a way that nearly 90% of the MX5 parts from the donor vehicle can be recyled and bolted straight on to the Raptor chassis.    These include the following:-


Engine and Engine management system

Engine loom


Steering assembly

Rear Differential and driveshafts

Front and rear suspension hub & Brakes

Switch gear 

Interior Fixings



*Raptor RR235 model 

SB5 Build Packs

To simplify your SB5 Raptor Self Build we have put together some build packs which consist of the parts required in sequence of your build eg Build Pack 1 consists of your chassis, alloy floor and brake lines.  Build Pack 6 consist of the final parts that allow you to put the finishing touches to your self build SBRaptor Kit.   You can buy the Build Packs as and when you require them.

If you want to add your own touches then we are more than happy to assist you with your requirements.   

What is the realistic  cost of building an SB5 Raptor Kit?

The total cost of Build Packs 1-6 is £8735.00. (incl VAT)  This figure is based on  recyling 90% of the MX5  compoents as listed above.    

Build Pack 1 consists of:-

Raptor SB5 UHP-1 Chassis 

45mm Rear hoop and diagonal  cross bar 

Powder coat chassis

Bead blast chassis 

Alloy Sheet (8' x 4')

Chassis VIN plate

Alloy floor fitting kit 

Brake pipe  unions, T Pieces, brake light Switch, fuel pipework, brake pipework, brake pipe and fuel pipework fixing kit 

Weight tag

Alloy bulkhead panel and mounting screws


The cost of Build Pack 1 is £2341.80.

Finance options are available.  Please see the Finance Link on our website for details.

As an example, if you borrowed £2500 over 24 months this works out at £28.00 per week

Upgrade Options  for the  SB5  Raptor Kit

All of our Raptor RR key components can be fitted to your SBRaptor Self Build Kit eg wider 8" alloys, heated Raptor seats, windscreeen kit.


Anything is possible - just ask!   

Tuning Packages for the  SB5  Raptor Kit  

We have 4 levels of tuning kits available for the Mazda 1.6 / 1.8 engine


Tuning Kit 1:    In-house gas flowed head & a pair of fast road cams.

Tuning Kit 2 :  Kit 1 plus a set of throttle bodes and an Emerald K6 ECU.

Tuning Kit 3:   Turbo charger kit plus an Emerald K6 ECU.

Tuning Kit 4 :  Kit 1 and Kit 3.

Prices available upon request.

We offer a fitting service

We offer an engine and gear box reconditioning service

If you would like more information on the SB Raptor Self Built Kit hit the button below!