A Step by Step guide  

1)  Choose your Chassis 


The best option for a road car is a UHP-1 chassis as used in our RR140 /RR165 Raptor models.   If you are using your own engine we advise using a power plant with less than 200 bhp and 185 lbft torque.

The best option for road and trackday use is a UHP-2 chassis which we use in all other RR  models.

The best option for Motorsport applications is a UHP-3 chassis which we use in all our CS  models.

2)  Choose your Engine


If you want to fit your own engine then this can be jigged to the chassis for a nominal fee.  We would need your engine and gearbox on site to carry out this work.    

3)  Choose your Cage

Rollbar is fitted to the RR140/RR165 models.

Rear half cage is fitted to the RR190/RR210/RR235/RR350 models.

Full cage and side impact bars are available as a factory upgrade option on all RR UHP-2 chassis. 

NOTE: CS comes with an integrated cage. There is no option to buy this chassis without the full cage.

4)  Choose your Front and Rear Uprights


The RR140 uses Sierra front and rear hubs.

All other RR Raptor models use alloy front hubs and  rear alloy hub and 4 pot calipers.

5)  Choose between Windscreen Kit or Aeroscreen Kit.   

6) Find out what other parts you need.