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Reasons to buy a Raptor

Core Design

A chassis needs to be exceptionally strong but also very light.  In 2019 we did a redesign of the chassis using a stronger grade of steel tubing throughout in order to give a balance between strength and lightness.


Double Wishbone Rear Suspension

It is a "sports" car chassis where handling/ feedback and balance are basic attributes of a well designed sports car.   The Raptor has a double wishbone design which includes front and rear suspension adjustment for toe and camber.  This ensures the car handles as if it was on rails. 



All roll cage material used in building the Raptor is made from material that exceeds Motorsport UK and FIA regulations.  Side and rear impact protection have also been added.  This vastly improves the structural strength of the Raptor and improves driver safety.


Front Suspension

The F1 style front push rod suspension system is an example  of how we strived to have a modern efficient suspension system making the Raptor one of the best handling cars on the market. 


The advantages of a modern suspension system:


  • Less aero drag by positioning the two shock absorbers in-board.

  • By moving the shock absorbers in-board there is less unsprung weight on the front wishbones. 

  • Easy adjustment of ride height.

  • Very easy to tune dampers.

  • Vast improvement in motion ratio.

  • The Raptor has one of the widest tracks in the industry and this vastly improves stability.  

  • Track being near symmetrical front to rear to promote a better balanced chassis.

Driver Comfort 

We recognise that as a generation we are getting taller and bigger in stature.  We have completely re-engineered the cockpit to make it roomier.  We have an XL version for the taller/larger Raptor owner.

Cabin Features


  • RR Sports seats with contrasting piping which are comfortable and supportive. 

  • Heated Seat option.

  • 12v Din Socket.

  • USB port.

  • Cabin net pockets.

  • Rear parking sensors. (option )

  • Immobilizer.

  • Tilt steering wheel for a more comfortable driving position. 



The heart and soul of any sports car is it's engine.   With Andy's  20 years of experience in building competitive engines for Motorsport you'll be sure you are buying power and reliability.    


In keeping with our ethos, our selection process on engine power units is based on the engine weight and the bhp it produces.  Only the lightest and most powerful units are used.  It is this attention to detail that gives the Raptor it's stunning performance and nimble handling.  

The RR235 /RR350  and  CS380 are pinnacles of the Raptor Motorsport Engine Division.   These units all use Raptor Motorsport Engine Management Systems to control the high pressure direct fuel injection system.  The high pressure direct injection engine improves emissions, fuel efficiency and performance massively over the older port injection ECU systems.  The end result is that we have a lightweight and compact 1600cc engine producing upwards of 235bhp.  This clearly shows the advantages of utilising modern engine technology with our commitment to building the most exhilarating, fun sports cars that we can .   



We offer care plans for all our Raptor sports cars.  We have a fully functioning workshop to cater for all your Raptor needs.  

Remote Access 

Full engine diagnostic checks can be carried out over the internet on all of our 1600cc Ecoboost powered cars.