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About Raptor Sports Cars

Raptor Sports Cars is located on former Royal Air Force Station RAF East Fortune, which is next door to the National Museum of Flight in East Lothian. Raptor Sports Cars was born through the vision, drive and determination of its owner Andy Entwistle. This very much a family run business which Andy runs alongside his wife Kirstin and a small dedicated team.  


The Raptor Sports Car is built around a very strong but lightweight chassis using cutting edge technology with F1 style pushrod suspension. Andy and his team are very passionate about what they do and know exactly how to deliver maximum performance from the combustion engine. He has been building race car engines since 2002. 

The first Raptor Sports Car rolled off the production line and was delivered to the customer in 2015 and in doing so brought car manufacturing back to Scotland which they are very proud to have achieved!

Self-build is the main core of the business where customers can buy all the parts and build the cars themselves. We pride ourselves with offering a high level of customer care. As a Raptor Sports Car owner you become part of the Raptor owners community and have an opportunity to share your experiences with other owners. We pay close attention to Raptor sports car owners offering them servicing and upgrade options.  

A new model is under development and will be an in-house tuned V8 grand tourer.

With electric cars are quickly becoming mainstream the time is right to experience the exhilaration of driving a petrol powered sports car. Don’t wait too much longer before giving yourself a chance to experience the joy of taking your car out for a spin.


Contact us to find out more about our cars!

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