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Our Story

Raptor Sports Cars is located on a Second World War Air Force Base which was part of RAF East Fortune, a former Royal Air Force Station.   We are right next door to the National Museum of Flight in East Lothian.

Like many car companies Raptor Sports Cars was born through the vision, drive and determination of its owner – Andy Entwistle.   He runs the business along with his wife Kirstin Entwistle making this very much a family run business.  Andy wanted to develop a sports car with a very strong but lightweight chassis using cutting edge technology from the motorsport industry, such as F1 style pushrod suspension.

Andy and his team are very passionate about what they do and know exactly how to deliver maximum performance from the combustion engine.  He has been building race car engines since 2002. 

In 2012 Andy was asked to supply and fit one of his engines into a kitcar.  This started a trend and before long it was clear that there was a desire both from Andy and his customers to build the entire car powered by his bespoke race engines. 

The first Raptor Sports Car rolled off the production line and was delivered to the customer in 2015 and in doing so brought car manufacturing back to Scotland which they are very proud to have achieved!

Customer care is a key focus with close attention being paid to Raptor sports car owners offering them servicing and upgrade options.  As a Raptor sports car owner you become part of the Raptor owners community and have an opportunity to share your experiences with other owners.

Never standing still for a moment, a new model is under development and will be an in-house tuned V8 Grand Tourer.

Electric cars are becoming mainstream so don’t wait too much longer before giving yourself a chance to experience the exhilaration of driving a petrol powered sports car!

Brief History


Raptor Sports Cars wins "Vehicle Manufacturing Specialists of the Year 2022/23".  Introduction of the Raptor RR260 / RR305  models (Ford 2000cc/ 2300cc Duratec powered units) available as a factory and self  option. Commissioning starts of 850bhp engine dyno test cell. 


Raptor Sports Cars wins "Vehicle Manufacturing Specialists of the Year 2021/22". We move into larger premises to accommodate the growing demand for brand Raptor.  Introduction of the SB5 model (Self Build MX5 based Raptor) as an affordable option.


Raptor Sports Cars adds the RR350 (350bhp 1.6 Eco boost ) and CS380 (380bhp 1.6 Eco Boost) to the production range available. Raptor Sports Cars becomes a fitting centre for Tracker Devices. 



Raptor Sports Cars completes a new Raptor Chassis sold for motorsport applications only (not road legal) to be known as CS (Club Sport ) and named UHP-3.


Production starts on the new V8 Grand Tourer.


Raptor Sports Cars bring the design and manufacture of chassis in-house with a total redesign of the Raptor RR chassis now named UHP-2 (ultra high performance Rev 2).



Raptor Sports Cars develops the Raptor RR235 producing over 400bhp/ton using the new ultra lightweight Ford ST180 Eco boost engine with in-house tuning.


Creation of Ultra High Performance (UHP -Rev 1) Raptor chassis to be used in all Raptor cars over 400bhp/ton.


The very first Raptor rolls off the production line.​  Doncaster based racing driver wins British Army Rally Championship powered by one of Andy’s bespoke engines.


Russ Simpson wins his first British Rally Cross Championship powered by one of Andy’s bespoke engines.


Russ Simpson is runner up in the British Rally Cross Championship powered by one of Andy’s bespoke engines.  ​


Our first attempt at tuning Ford's 2.0 16v Zetec unit gaining over 70bhp which is a 50% increase over standard power figures.

2000 - 2010

Andy and the team honed their skills gas flowing cylinder heads and building high performance engine for all makes of cars.

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