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Every Engine is Hand-Built by Our Master Craftsman

We are skilled engineers, we are innovators and we love pushing the boundaries of modern automotive engineering.  Our magnificent machines are created with love that you only get from people that have a passion for cars.  The engine is the beating heart of your Raptor and we pride ourselves in giving you the performance you deserve.  With Andy's 20  plus years of experience in building competitive engines for Motorsport you'll be sure you are buying power and reliability.

We have chosen Ford's ultra light all alloy 1600 ST power plant as our "go-to" engine.  With over 280lb ft torque it really does offer phenomenal performance and is very light and compact.  Not only does it produce ultra low emissions, it is extremely fuel efficient and therefore kind to our environment which fits well with our ethos.

In keeping with our ethos, our selection process on engine power units is based on the engine weight and the bhp it produces.  Only the lightest and most powerful units are used.  It is this attention to detail that gives the Raptor it's stunning performance and nimble handling.


The RR235, RR350 and CS380 are pinnacles of the Raptor Motorsport Engine Division.  These units all use Raptor Motorsport Engine Management Systems to control the high pressure direct fuel injection system.  The high pressure direct injection engine improves emissions, fuel efficiency and performance massively over the older port injection ECU systems.  The end result is that we have a lightweight and compact 1600cc engine producing upwards of 235bhp.  This clearly shows the advantages of utilising modern engine technology with our commitment to building the most exhilarating and fun sports cars that we can.  


Contact us for more information about our engine packages!

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