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Ford 2000/2500cc Duratec 

We offer a range of high quality performance engine packages hand built in-house by our skilled engineers.   All engines are built  to suit your requirements.  Engines are fully stripped, inspected and assembled using  new components before being tested.     We have over 20 years experience in Emerald stand alone Engine Management Systems therefore our engines come with an Emerald Flagship K6+ and a pre-built engine loom.  This not only meets the current Euro emission standards but it also offers phenomenal performance and excellent fuel economy.

RR260 Engine  

  • Heavy duty block liners 

  • Forged high compression pistons

  • Forged H beam conrods

  • Competition valve springs

  • Stage 3 gas flowed head 

  • Fast road cams

  • Main bearings

  • Competition big engine bearings

  • Oil pump

  • Front & rear crank seals 

  • Piston & ring set

  • Steel head gasket

  • Head bolts

  • Timing chain kit

  • Water pump

  • Raceline baffled sump

  • Spark plugs

  • Oil filter 

All units include the following


  • Inlet manifold

  • exhaust manifold

  • Injectors

  • Coil packs

  • ECU interface loom

  • Emerald K6+ ECU

  • Throttle body kit 

  • Flywheel

  • Clutch kit 

  • Engine covers   

RR305 Engine  

Adds the following:


  • 2500cc forged bottom end

  • Lightened and balanced internals

  • Race big end bearings

  • Stage 3 gas flow head

  • Forged valves

  • Pair fast road camshafts

  • Throttle body kit 

  • RSC Sports exhaust manifold




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