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Chassis Spec Explained 

A chassis is a steel, tubular, strong frame which the engine, suspension and body work is mounted to.  If the frame is not structurally strong then it stands more chance of twisting and distorting.  This then transfers through to everything that is mounted to the frame  ie suspension, engine and bodywork.  The quality of the steel used is critical and finding the right balance between lightness and strength is what makes or  breaks a chassis.


UHP-1 Chassis  

  • Fabricated from high tensile box section & high tensile round tube

  • Jig Fabricated  

  • Incorporates our brilliant front push-rod suspension

  • High load front lower wishbone mounts

  • Crossed braced steering column mounts to reduce scuttle shake

  • Side impact HT tubing 

  • Mounting bosses welded to chassis. (Reduces drilling into chassis core) 

  • Mounting plates pre-welded for fuel tank, radiator and steering rack 

UHP-2 Chassis  

  • As UHP-1 

  • Designed to cope with high torque demands of 400bhp/ton Raptors 

  • Additional cross bracing on front suspension cradle 

  • Additional cross bracing on rear differential cradle to handle high torque engines  

  • Integrated rear half cage made from high tensile roll-cage tubing that is beyond the recommendations of the FIA

  • Additional bracing in bulkhead area

  • Rear suspension has toe adjustment

UHP-3 Chassis  

  • As per UHP-2

  • Fabricated from a higher tensile steel than UHP 1 and 2 chassis  

  • Integrated full cage assembly with roof bars made from high tensile roll-cage tubing that is beyond the  recommendations of the FIA  

  • Side impact bar set 

Which suits my requirements  

For Road use your best option would be the UHP-1 chassis as used in our SB5 /RR140 /RR165 Raptor models.   If you are using your own engine we would advise using a power plant with less than  200 bhp / 185 lbft torque

For Road and Trackday use your best option would be the UHP-2 chassis as used in all our other RR  models.


For Motorsport applications your best option would be the UHP-3 chassis   as used in all our CS  models.