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Fuel Injection Systems

We have in excess of 20 years experience of Emerald stand alone engine management systems.  All our Raptor engines are fitted with the Emerald Flagship K6+ ECU.

To meet the current IVA emissions regulations all new cars must meet the current Euro 6 emission standards.   The K6+ ECU ensures that all our Raptors do this with ease.  By using the Emerald K6+ ECU we are also assured phenomenal performance and excellent fuel economy.

All our ECU's are supplied with a loom which has been meticulously hand built in house.

On our turbo charged Raptor Sports Cars we configure the ECU's to run two separate engine power levels.   We have a "Wet Map" and a "Race Map."   Changing the engine performance setting can be done by a simple flick of a switch while you are driving!

In the past we have retro fitted the Emerald K6 ECU to Classic Cars, other "7" type cars, race and rally cars.  

These ECU's can control 4/6/8 cylinder engines as well as engines that need boost control and variable valve timing control. 


We rebuilt this fully forged Audi 4.2 V8 engine and ran it on a K6 ECU.  This is a prime example of Emerald's flexibility.

Technical Support / Fault Diagnosis

If you develop a problem with your Car there's no need to bring it into the Factory.  We have the ability to log into your ECU via the Team Viewer app to run a full remote location diagnosic session while your car remains with you at home.

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