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Engine Rebuilds

We have been building performance engines for over 20 years and are proud that they took two British based racing drivers to overall Championship wins in 2013 and 2015.    All our Championship winning engines are hand built in-house. 


We also offer a wide degree of engine rebuild services, namely:- 

engine block
engine gasket
  • Cylinder re-boring

  • Decking of blocks

  • Crank regrinding

  • Fitting of valve guides

  • Gas flowing of cylinder heads

  • Lightening and balancing

  • Re-sleeving of blocks

















We have 4 available options for cylinder head work: 

Stage 1:   Reconditioned head to std OEM spec​

Stage 3:   As Stage 1 + fully ported & polished head  ​

Stage 4:   As stage 3 + larger inlet valves​

Stage 5:   As Stage 4 + larger exhaust valves 



Audi 40v V8 S6 with Forged Internals being rebuilt.  

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