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IVA - The Basics

Once you have built your Raptor it will need to be presented for an IVA test before it can be registered and put on the road.

Here are a few simple things that you need to do during your build to make the registration of your Raptor easier.

  1. If you are sourcing parts from a donor vehicle to use on your build then you must have the V5 for the vehicle and it is a much easier process if the V5 is registered in your name.

  2. You must take photos of your build as you progress as these will be required during the IVA process.

  3. ​You must have proof of the year of the engine.  This can be found on the V5 registration certificate.  Please double check that the engine number on the V5 matches the engine number stamped on the block.

  4. Keep all receipts for major components that you fit to your car.

  5. You can present your car under "amateur build" providing you have all the necessary photographs and paperwork as mentioned above.   It is worth noting that if a third party in the car building industry undertakes any work on your car you would not be able to present the car under the "amateur build" route.  We would be able to present your car on your behalf.

  6. Your Raptor must be presented to the IVA test centre with a full tank of fuel.  If your car breaks down at any point during the test the IVA tester may abandon the test.  Please note that if this situation occurs you will have to pay for another test.

  7. We offer a fixed price pre-IVA inspection for all self-built Raptors.

  8. If preferred, we can complete the IVA application forms and present the car on your behalf at an additional cost.  

If you need any further help or advice please give us a call where our team will be more than happy to answer any questions.

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