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We recognise that as a generation we are getting taller and bigger in stature.  We have totally re-engineered the cockpit to blend man and machine as one.

Design Features ​

  • One of the largest cabins on the market.

  • Our cockpit will accommodate drivers up to 6’ 8” and a 44” waist.

  • Adjustable seat runners.

  • Adjustable pedal for perfect heel and toe.


Cabin Features​

  • RR Sports seats with body colour piping which are supportive and comfortable.

  • Heated seat option.

  • 12v Din Socket. (Sat Nav or even Heated Suit)

  • USB port. (Phones)

  • Cabin net pockets.

  • Rear parking sensors. (option )

  • Immobilizer.

  • Luxury interior pack. (options on some models)

The RR model comes with a comprehensive digital dash system as standard while the RR235/RR300 models get an updated and revised TFT Digital Dash System.  Of course if you prefer the more classic look gauges, these are available as an upgrade option. 

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