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Engine fully Remanufactured to the following spec. 


Stage 3 Gas flowed head

Pair RSC fast road cams

RSC sport exhaust manifold

RSC throttle body kit inlet manifold and air filter 

Engine Checmicailly cleaned

Bores Honed

New piston rings

New big end bearings

New Main bearings

Sump gasket set

New oil pump 

New timing belt kit

New Water pump

New head gasket

Baffled sump kit 

Engine paint black

Comes fully assemblied

Maxi torque inlet manifold & air filter 

Leakdown tested . 


Engine comes with Emerald K6+ ecu and loom kit 


The engine is sold on an Exchange basis.

Non exchange sercharge is £400

SB5 180 Engine kit

Excluding VAT |
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