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Raptor Care Plans 

To ensure that your Raptor is being cared for properly we have Service Agreements available on a 1 or 3 year term.  Prices are as follows:-

All Raptor Models




Prices include parts and labour to carry out the undernoted work: 

Car Engine 



Bike Engine 




3 Years

Seat belts

Vehicle lighting

Driver visual indicators

Body panels for damage

Body panels for security

Brake lines

Fuel lines

Security of exhaust 

Front suspension joints

Steering assembly


Wheel bearings

CV gaiters


Brake fluid level  


Operation of rear brakes

Operation of front brakes

Torque wheel studs

Engine Oil change

Oil filter change

Check anti freeze 

Replace spark plugs

Replace fuel filter

Clean air filter

Balance throttle bodies

Check aux belts

Check for oil leaks 

Check for water leaks

Check coolant fan 

Check battery level 

Check charging system

Check timing belt

Engine Check

Mechanical Check

Record Mileage

Stamp Service Book 

On Year 3 we will replace:-

Brake Fluid

Gearbox oil

Diff oil 

Collection and delivery service available.

Please phone for details.

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