Bringing car manufacturing back to Scotland 




Spirit of Adventure

When you buy a Raptor you are not just buying a car.  You are buying an opportunity to see, smell and taste your journey!  Using all our experience we are able to bring you an opportunity to turn  every journey into an exhilarating and fun adventure!

Using our 20 years experience in building high performance automotive engines we have chosen Ford's ultra light all alloy 1600 ST power plant as our “go to” engine.  With over 280 lbft torque it really offers phenomenal performance and is very light and compact.  Not only does it produce ultra low emissions it is extremely fuel efficient and therefore kind to our environment and this fits well with our ethos.

Raptor Sports Cars Ltd is a family run business where we are all incredibly passionate about bringing Car Manufacturing back to Scotland.  The design, fabrication and assembly is all done in our workshop in East Lothian by our highly experienced team.   It is our dedication to detail and our creativity that enables us to build these magnificent hand built machines guaranteed to bring you a memorable driving experience. 

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Dyno work

We are skilled Engineers 

We are Innovators

We love pushing the boundaries of Modern Automotive Engineering 

We love creating our magnificent machines 

We are hugely proud to be bringing car manufacturing back to Scotland after nearly 40 years. 

Raptor cars in full  production.   

Deep in technical discussions!

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Raptor Sports Cars Ltd

Unit J1 

Gilmerton Estate


East  Lothian

EH39 5LQ


Tel: 01620 880763

Email:  Raptorsportscars.sales@gmail.com

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Email :  raptorsportcars.sales@gmail.com 

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