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Welcome to Raptor Sports Cars

Raptor Sports Cars located in East Lothian have done something extraordinary.  They have proudly brought sports car manufacturing back to Scotland for the first time in 40 years.   This is down to Andy and Kirstin Entwistle who had the vision, drive and determination to make this in to a reality. This family run business were winners of the CorporateLiveWire Scotland Prestige Awards 2021/22 and 2022/23 in the "Vehicle Manufacturing Specialists of the Year" category.

"We are incredibly passionate about our cars and bringing back sports car manufacturing to Scotland.  Every aspect of our cars design, fabrication and assembly are all done in our Factory in East Lothian by our highly experienced and skilled team.  Our dedication, attention to detail and creativity enables us to deliver magnificent hand-built machines to our customers that are guaranteed to bring them the ultimate driving experience.  We are innovators that love to push the boundaries of modern automotive engineering in the search for the ultimate car for our customers."

We also offer you the choice to build your own Raptor sports car!  What an opportunity for the skilled or not so skilled car enthusiast!   Imagine having the chance to buy your Raptor in modular form to build at your leisure in your own garage from the ground up!  All modules can be bought at your own leisure direct from our online Raptor Store.   


We can supply your self build Raptor in a form that suits you ie just parts for the experienced diy car builder or pre-wired, part built for the less experienced diy car builder.  

We have 20 years experience in building high performance automotive engines. We have chosen Ford's ultra light all alloy 1600 ST power plant as our 'go-to' engine. With over 280 lb ft torque it really offers phenomenal performance and is very light and compact. Not only does it produce ultra low emissions, it is extremely fuel efficient and therefore kind to our environment which fits well with our ethos. There are many reasons to buy a Raptor Sports Car. Click here to find out more.


Contact us to find out more about our cars!

COVID-19 / War in Ukraine

COVID-19 has caused disruption across the world and the War in Ukraine will now compound any global supply chain problems. This means we are facing delays, shortages of materials together with price increases. All of these things are out of our control and we ask for your patience and understanding during these difficult times.


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